Version 14 - Use of Batch-wise Valuation


How to unable the use of Batch-wise valuation under batch list?

Thank you

New batches automatically use this. Old batches can’t. They’ll have to be consumed, or alternatively, you can “transfer” them in new batches, if you want it immediately.


The field is a read only field. Is the function of this


item A in PO-001 is 15,000.00 batch number 123

same item in PO-002 is 12,000.00 batch number 456

if I check any stock report

will the value of Item A batch 123 be 15,000.00

and batch number456 is 12,000.00 ?

Thank you

Simple answer is:

  • Old batches will operate like FIFO and wont depend on batch numbers at all.
  • New batches will have a valuation rate that’s dependent on batch number.

Current value doesn’t have much to do with valuation method, valuation method is only used for deriving rate at which batch is consumed/sold.

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