Version 5 - Rollout

As we are winding down the issues, we still have some way to go:

  1. Manual needs to be updated
  2. Test cases need to be fixed
  3. Release notes to be prepared.

We don’t want to do a half release, so we are going to do soft releases of each of the various assets.

  1. [ ] Apps:
  2. [x] New bench (with new command line) will be merged.
  3. [x] Branch v5.0 will merge into develop as release 5.0-beta2
  4. [x] New developer installs (via bench init) will be of version 5
  5. [ ] New trials on will be on version 5.
  6. [ ] Updated user manual.
  7. [ ] Rollouts for existing version 4 users on (will be notified before migration).

EDITS: We are running late on this too. We will keep posting as we release.

When will be the last day for transalator to work in ERPNext and Frappe translation to be included in the final v5 Realese or v5 Beta???

Translations will be continuously updated, so don’t worry about that. is still being redirected to

I tried bench migrate-to-v5 but it gave me a warning message that 5 is still NOT STABLE. Is this still the case?
When should we safely migrate to 5?

I am running the latest Ver4 now.



ahmed, i suggest to backup first and use test server , in case its happens like me…some document are not view able even the data in the report is still showed

Sorry for the mistake, it’s (edited the original message)

@ahmed_personal, yes, v5 should be usable once it’s merged to develop. We are fixing test cases as of now.

Hi ,

i wondering what was supplier part no or customer part no used for in v5 ?

Hi, im really missed % billed and % delivered on SO List , its very helpfull
can you guys do not remove it at v5 ?

or can we swithed back to the old themes?

OAuth login is broken(at least for github), please fix it.

I just tried logging in via github and it worked, maybe you’ve concealed your email address in github.

I see it’s fixed now, previously the “One Last Step” page had only one field(email) for input.

Thanks for looking into this also your reply on my other question.


Good Evening
Is there a way to get 5.x Version from ERPNEXT through get command right now, because using the v4 and then using the migrate command fails.
Try to setup a new machine for testing purposes. Frappe alone works fine with upgrades…

v5 will be merged in develop today, so a new bench install will be in version 5

Is it safe for old users to do the update on Production Systems since now develop is merged to v5 branch or is it like that the team would hand hold the migration process.

Production system should always be on master. You should upgrade when we merge to master.

My production system is on develop since the beginning.

I would try and get this done on the test server first before doing any update on my production server.

On a fresh minimal install, run easy install (GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps)without --setup-production to get version 5.

To run, use bench start