Version 5 Sneak Preview


Looks brilliant! The team’s work is inspiring as always.

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Nice video. Is there a demo environment running V5 available somewhere? I’d like to get some of my users to test it out to see if I can get some useful early feedback for you. :slight_smile:

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Nice and shoot video informative
ERPNEXT always keep them self simple but output is too big and grate,
god bless you and your team :star2:

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Demo running here:

Nice Work guys as usual, now this sneak preview is actually itching me to get my hands on to this v5.
Would be great if we could get a guide to test v5-staging on existing database in test environment.

This ways as mentioned earlier we could help in pointing out some bugs.

Is there a way we could test v5 on local machines with existing v4 data.

Brilliant! Extraordinary!! ERP Experience now just got more Awesome!

Million Thanks to Team ERPNext for their efforts, dedication, vision to always take it to whole new dimension!

Wish you guys all very best of wealth, health and blissful life…

Thank you everyone for the kind words!

I just hope we have not raised expectations too much.

@adityaduggal you can migrate using the bench 4 to 5 run

bench switch-to-v5

Do it on a sandbox only! This is not yet ready for production use!

Is there going to be an how-to info for updates and a releasedate?

Additional: If I Preview V5, can I switch to stable version at a later point or do I have to reimport all my stuff?

@daniel there will be a how to. This is not even an alpha release yet.

Don’t migrate production systems.


thanks a lot for the information. basically I don’t want to migrate my production system.

What makes me curious is: can I migrate with only a database backup?

Database (and file) backup is all you need.

works :wink: thank you so much!

I just don’t know what was wrong with the old desk. I like it very mutch and the colors are very appealing and as i see are profissional too.

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Will standard_macro be overwritten bei V5?
Or lets better say: how about our modifications/customization of ERP v4? Will they be overwritten or just the engine of V4 replaced by design and engine of V5?

Thanks Rushabh and Team for releasing version 5. Good work continues…

Our team is checking version 5. They would like to mark bugs. So is there any link where we can mark bugs/issues ?

Need your help.

@daniel what do you mean by customizations? if you have modified the code and not sent us pull-requests, you maintain them yourself. in app customizations (custom scripts etc) will be automatically migrated.

@kanhaiya - Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

@rmehta i have modified standard_macros and standard.html nothing more…but anyhow I maintain a rep in case they get lost by updates.

Thanks Mehta for staying with the community on a close basis. Just wanted to know; I use the vm version for my personal business; will the bench update pull in v5 when its released? Thanks.

Yeah, you should be able to directly update the VM.