Version 5 Update

A post on the re-design process:

Someone pointed out in the comments that we did not engage the community in the design. On hind sight, maybe we should have.

The design is still open to change before release date (end of Feb). So if you have comments, suggestions, contributions, please go ahead and post!

Release Date: 25th Feb 2015

Finally we have a release date. In this period, there are a bunch of issues we still need to fix:

If you can help us in closing these issues, it would be great.

Also thanks for all the help in testing version 5. Please keep those issues coming.

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It is match better, last time i saw it seems it will be in black and white. Very Nice know.

Looks very slick, I like the cleaner look of the report list views. I assume options like exporting the data, etc are still there (just not shown in demo) and we can have custom report views?

Any chance of a preview of the GUI print format creator? :wink:

I had some suggestion to make the design color is not bright white but a little bit (just a little) more gray so its not tired the eyes… i dont know for the other buts its like that for me…

The ability to increase the default size of the font, icons and input fields would be excellent. Especially for people using ERPnext on larger desktop monitors or Hi Dpi laptops. Maybe a selectable setting located in SetUp/Settings with Default, Large and Extra Large. This setting would assign an REM and/or EM value site wide.

In regards both Luis and bobzz_zone’s comments. Maybe a UI contrast slider setting below my suggested Font size setting would be a good idea as well?

@System19 have you tried the browser’s zoom feature?

@monojoker print format creator is done in v5. You can try it out at

@anand pardon my ignorance but where can I find it in the demo system? There is no Setup module as I’m used to seeing where Custom Print Formats exists.


I am unable to find the option to create print formats since the staging5 version is logging us as a Demo user and may be that user does not have the required permissions to make new print formats.

Is there a way we could test the full functionality of version 5 or am I missing something.

I am particularly interested in testing the permission manager as well.

@anand Classic answer :slight_smile:
I never thought to use the browser zoom feature as I am used to website design which normally incorporates a lot of bitmaps as well as vector content. The zoom technique actually works quite well with ERPNext as it is almost entirely vector except for company logo and product images.
Cheers, Rick

Really like me. The same funtionality than make ERPNext awesome with a clean and modern layout.

I will try to setup a locall instance a try to break it and report any issue than I Find.

The current version has a bug in the POS “pay” button when it randomly dissapears.

I checked out the new v5 preview with the link posted above and I think the “pay” button now in the top right very small is not a good design. I would prefer a bigger button where the current one goes by the total. Althuogh I would probably recommend to fix the javascript bug.

Also I agree with an above comment in making the theme just a tad more gray in some parts and some hints of colors so it does not tire the eyes.

Great to see this amazing effort. Big up to Rushabh & Team!

Hi @anand, when I find the custom print format builder and click it it says message “not permitted”. Is this enabled???

Also the Item Variant value is not registering in the item variants

Whenever I try to enter a value of the Item Variant the field is not populated.

is Payment Support integrated in the new V5 ?
like PayPal ?

Please post issues on GitHub so that we can keep track.

@Yones Payment support was planned - maybe 5.1 or 5.2

I’ve v5 installed, testing but can’t seem to find anything about Multi-currency journal vouchers

yaaa im waiting for the multi currency JV too…when it can be viewed ?