Version 7 feedback

V7 looks amazing but it has removed so many great things about V6.

It is now possible to enter duplicate products in the same invoice when previously this wasn’t possible. This may create many errors.

The invoicing format now resembles word where as before it had a read only feel. The row links have been disabled and no function to add multiple rows which made it so simple to do large invoices. It is also not possible to group and sort status in the invoicing page which is very important.

When using a custom doc and attaching a picture to the doc, it now shows the location of the doc instead of the image when you wish to print.

Allowing to enter duplicate products in same quotation/sales order/invoice is useful feature for many like us who has to deal with very long quotes and duplicate items required in various sections.

Thats useful but then it should be done in sections not in a long format, as duplication should be an avoidable feature, if it is possible to duplication in sections then that will be good , then we can decide if we need that feature or not