Version 7 Update 1st July

So we have missed the release date of 30th June.

Major issues are holding us back

  1. Payment Form - Just completed Payment Entry by nabinhait · Pull Request #5620 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
  2. Bench Central - Our internal application for managing the ERPNext cloud
  3. Close issues on the Version 7 Milestone - Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
  4. Release notes and release video
  5. Updating and checking the documentation for the new features

In the meantime, we are taking the opportunity to remove some of the “technical debt” from past mistakes

  1. Salary - We are merging tables “Salary Slip Earning”, “Salary Slip Deduction”, “Salary Structure Earning”, “Salary Structure Deduction” into “Salary Detail”. Also “Earning Type”, “Deduction Type” into “Salary Component”

  2. Building a new demo script

  3. Cleaning up mobile views for the portal


I m Waiting!..

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Keep up the good work guys! Really excited for v7, but happy to wait until it’s ready.


Can’t say it better than Ben: Keep up the good work guys! Really excited for v7, but happy to wait until it’s ready.

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Eagerly waiting. Thanks for the plausible work!

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Wooot…thanks a lot @rmehta for the Heads up on the merging of the tables since I am sure a lot of users would get a major shock in this merging of tables if they are using HR and have any kind of customization in it.

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@rmehta thank you so much for this nice polished product. I tried ERPNext 7 beta in a mobile device, and it requires attention for mis-alignment of ui objects. For example when using the new POS, new and pay buttons are mis-aligned, when proceeded to pay only a part of the ui appears and unable to scroll to view the buttons. Mobility is a great plus for us, please consider this.


Good job, thank you very much

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Excellent work, please stay on this version don’t make major changes and lets fine tune it.

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Good job!V7 will be more and more exciting if you add a feature on earning and deductions like if it can calculate income tax and overtime based on percentage or formula…it will be more exciting!thanks

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Hi @rmehta,

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to version 7.

Curious to understand, the 3 points on "technical debt"s you’d mentioned, would they be included in version 7 release?
We have done some customization on Salary Slip Earning and Salary Slip Deductions and looking to see if we need to make changes to them when we take in the latest version. This would greatly help to plan our pipeline as well.

Thanks in advance!
Have a nice day!

@asneha1 check the “Develop” branch for updates. You will have to tweak your customizations for v7


is there an idea, when the v7 will move to master / production?

The estimated time (1. Juli) has gone. Is there a new estimate?

Thanks in advance.

@rmehta With this merge of Earnings and Deductions to Salary Component … how will we separate when creating the Salary structure …as when you create a new one Salary Structure All options on Salary Component show up in both Earnings and Deductions …
I believe there should be a field or tick option for the item to be either Earning or Deduction …this because in my Country Angola we have many for both Earning and Deduction and to create a Structure for a company with more than 100 users will take for ever to separate or move to the right child table.

When approximately will be the final stable release 7 ?

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Hi All,
Don’t know if this was thought as I have raised about not having a Type of Component (Deduction/Earning) due to all fields when creating the Structure being added to both tables and giving a lot of work to remove …
Also have not tried yet the version but already making some changes to our local needs and need to know if on the Component the item is value 0 should not be shown on the SLIP. Kind of a way to have no empty fields shown.