Version 7 Update: Common tree view


In ERPnext version 7, we are introducing a Tree view. For this, we have deprecated browser pages from ERPNext.

Here the list of deprecated pages :

  1. Accounts Browser

    • Chart Of Account
    • Chart Of Cost Center
  2. Sales Browser

  • Customer Group
  • Item Group
  • Territory
  • Sales Person
  1. BOM Browser

In version 7, you can access these structures by searching for Document Name Tree


  • Account Tree for Chart Of Accounts
  • Cost Center Tree for Chart Of Cost Center

Isn’t ‘Chart of Accounts’ a standardized name? Why go with a less standard name?

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Is there still a way to manage permissions to Trees?

With pages, you could add/remove roles as needed. Will you be able to do the same on a per-tree basis in v7?