Version 7 Update

Quick updates on Version 7.

  1. ETA as of now is end of June. The reason for this is we are in the process of rewriting our cloud platform and want to sync the release of that with version 7. The new cloud platform is going to be offered as a platform as a service (i.e) you can build your own ERPNext cloud on that. The launch date for that is not clear.
  2. We will keep building more features in V7. As of now we already have Fixed Assets Depreciation, new offline POS, new layouts for masters, quick editing in forms and grids, new website and shopping cart, request for quotes, collaborative project management and many more features.
  3. Other features that may go in are: New Payment Transactions, Warehouse trees, weekly timesheets and hourly wage calculations and more.
  4. You can always test out V7 on the “develop” branch. You can also check it out on our beta demo site. We use it daily for our own use and it is quite stable!

Your feedback as usual is welcome


Great news!

Several questions, please:
Is "Image view" in the Item list estimated to be merged in V6 or V7?

Will there be migration process or it is going to be a separate type of subscription?

ERPNext is going better and better, great job !
I see that there will be a new website, will it manage translations ?

Because I’m stucked with a translation problem with the current website :
Script translations not loaded

Thanks for your help

Nice! I’m glad you guys are taking some more time with this and rolling in a lot of suggestions from the community.

@rmehta Demo System currently shows a syntax error when clicking on any of the Menus ((1064, ‘You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ') in (“0”, “NULL”, “”) and ifnull(tabReport.is_standard, “”) = “No” and ifnull' at line 1’))

Everything is great but two things that are slowing adaptation for my clients is

  1. a lack of structured customer statements. A proper customer must be comprehensive and inclusive of all credit notes, discounts, payments, invoices on a line by line basis. Proving to people that they owe you money is an important part of any business and having that detailed statement that tells a story is what makes customer statements so important.

  2. Prices history tracking. When prices change and we update them in the pricelist master the old prices should be automatically saved in some log so come year end one can use the logged data to graph out the price changes.


New features are great.

We’re new on ERPNext and acutally we’re evaluating for our clients that are in the food retail market.

Actually there are a couple of feature missing:

  1. Price history tracking

  2. Store multiple barcode per product, so that POS will be able to find the price based on barcode read.

Any chance to include in v7?

Thx in advance

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great news again,try to add more feature around payroll as you have touched it in hourly wage calculation and weekly timesheets try to make it wide and make the payroll system too,it will be the great addition for ERP next also it will make it full from finance perspective.

Not able to check Website & store front in Demo.

Really some important features are coming in v7 which is asked by many community member.
ERPNext becomes good product day to day and great thing is it keep value of community requirement.

@Johannes_Maepa @JoEz

  1. In General Ledger report you can apply filter Party Type as customer and select Customer in Party. You will get detail customer statement. You can also print/make pdf of customer statement.

  2. For price list tracking, you can track price list history in Comments of Item Price. with small script one can automate this.

  3. Multiple bar-code means multiple product, you should create separate Item for barcode. Its by design.

@Sachine_P1 @agerken
Yes, weekly timesheets and hourly wage calculations are good features. Need some more features in Process Payrole like making salary slip from attendance or salary based on Time Logs


There is one more important feature, and I expect it can be important for many companies with international relations or multinational staff — bilingual print forms, which allow you to have documents in two languages simultaneously.

@strixaluco Image views will go in V7

@britlog Its a new design, and yes websites are translate able by default, let us know if you find issues

@David_Stegnitz that was temp, should be fixed

@Johannes_Maepa You can always create new price lists (see @kolate_sambhaji 's answer)

@JoEz Need a features in ERPNext, get it built by someone in the community and we will help to get it integrated in the product!

@Deven_Shah you can set it up locally and test.

Edit: There are hundreds of feature suggestions and we cannot do everything, so if you need a feature badly, get involved!


Definitely getting involved is something that I should be doing more myself. I had brought up suggestions when we first adopted ERPNext as the center of our business, without first learning it in and out. Those suggestions were a bit misguided and didn’t fit into the ecosystem, but rather, what I was used to. I can’t give the team enough praise for everything that they’re providing and am always excited for future developments. Thanks guys!

How do you I change the title from ‘Accounts Receivable’ to ‘Customer Statement’. Unlike with Quotes and Invoices, I can’t use Print Headings here. So any advice?
I made a client move from Quickbooks to ERPNext and this is their only complaint. Statements.

@rmehta we’re new at ERPNext and we can surely contribute to it. We started reviewing Italian translation, it’s not much but it’s a start.

About the “multi barcode feature”, unfortunately it’s not possible to create a new Item for each barcode because it’s simply the same product and the same stock entity, ie.:

Coke cl 33 has barcodes:


So, if POS will scan one of that barcodes will be priced as Coke 33 CL.

Would be nice to add a feature similare to Serial No, like Has Multiple Barcode if checked allow to insert multi barcode for the Item.

Can you quote how much the feature could cost?

Thanks in advance

While it may be true that coke has multiple EAN numbers, it should not as it is against the rules (See GS1 who govern this area).

Each product must have a unique number. Any differences should use a different barcode number.


I don’t think so …for sure GS1 govern that area, but it’s possible to assign different barcode for same products because the manufacture part of the code can be different depending on the manufacturer code, so Coke 33 CL with production in Italy will have different manufacture code than the one with production in UK, Germany and so on.

So depending from where you will buy you’ll get different barcodes that’s why same product can have lot of different barcodes.

@Johannes_Maepa I’m working on field history tracking, will be ready soon - most of the bugs are worked out, except for when installing new apps!


I am sure you know better than I, as I do not do much with GTIN’s but the way I read it is that the same GTIN number has to be used for IDENTICAL products. So if the 33 CL coke in Italy is identical in every way to the one made in the UK then it should have the same code. If there are ANY differences (different wording on the can, even, then it should have a different code.

So you think it is the same product,coke 33CL but it is not. One is Coke 33CL with italian packaging, and one is Coke 33CL as part of a UK multipack, and one is coke 33 CL is part of a 24 pack. All the same product (coke), but different packaging / labelling so do require different barcodes.

Now, most business will and should keep these products separate, hence different barcodes is not a problem.

You want to group all these differences together, but that is not the industry standard way of doing things, so I would not expect a global ERP system to allow it with individual modification.

That is the way I see it - but as I said I am no expert in this area so would bow to greater knowledge