Version update for Custom App

How to update the version of a custom app?

I tried updating it in and then ran bench build and bench migrate. Still the new version doesnt reflect in About Popup

After updating on your Custom App
Try those steps:

git push origin develop (if you have a Branch Develop)
git checkout master (Change to your Master Branch)
git rebase develop /git merge develop (Merge your Changes from DEVELOP to Master)
git tag -a v0.0.3 (this is where your new version will be added)
git push --tags origin master (Push your new version to you MASTER)

Hope it helps solving.

I dont have a develop branch, i did everything on the master branch.

I did add the tag and push to master

Still, its not updated.

After all changes in the “” do bench restart or stop bench and start again .

This did the trick, thanks alot :slight_smile: