Version update strategy

Looking at the forum, after new version update many people get into new problems. And considering the speed and timing of updates, it is quite difficult to keep up.

I was thinking that ERPNext/Frappe version update are following the Semantic Versioning. Where:

  1. MAJOR version for incompatible changes,
  2. MINOR version for adding functionality,
  3. PATCH version for making bug fixes.

But it seems that, at least lately, version updates were having both fixes and enhancement. Which shown by the version bumped to Minor version only. I don’t think there were Patch version since version 12 was out.

I hope going back to the semantic versioning can help users maintain their implementation.
Thank you.


Just read this in docs:

Token-based authentication is a security technique that authenticates the users who attempt to gain access to a server. 
It is available starting with v11.0.3.

This makes my point. Token is a new feature. It should be in at least v11.1.0 (MINOR) instead of in v11.0.3 (PATCH).