[Version11] Quotation to Lead - unable to get item rate from pricelist - bug?

If I create Lead and then Quotation to this Lead, there are no rates for items. But item prices in default price list does exist.

If I enter rate manually and then save Quotation, then I get a message that item price was updated for item in pricelist, what confirms, that price does exist in that price list and that Quotation probably works with correct pricelist.

If I switch this Quotation to Customer, everything works as expected and prices are populated from default price list.

Any solution for this? Is there any setting that has to be manually done to make Quotation to Lead populate prices from pricelist?

If it is a bug, there is no option to go from Lead/Opportunity directly to Quotation without creating the customer at the moment.

Answer: This is because Item was not sold to any lead, opportunity or customer before and thus while sending a new quotation, the seller has to quote the selling price of the Item manually in Item table (this will be saved as the default selling price for that particular item in stock module >item price)

Answer: you can view this is the stock module in Item Price where you could view the same item having 2 different records both default buying price and selling price

Answer: Not a bug

@Siddharth_Dey, Im not sure if you are right. I just tried the situation you described. I created Quotation to Lead for one Item, entered price manually, got message that price was successfully updated in price list. Then I created another Quotation to the same Lead for the same Item - result is the same, Item rate is not populated from pricelist again. Or did I misunderstand something?

I have pricelist with selling price for every single item in stock, no matter if it was sold or offered to anybody (lead, customer). That price does exist and does exist in appropriate pricelist (default selling). So why do I have to set it again? Wouldnt be easier/more logical to take it from available pricelist?

Another thing, if I do Quotation to Customer, it takes price of the items from the default selling pricelist. Even if the customer was created a second ago, never bought anything, never got quotation. If I do the same way Quotation to Lead, rate is not populated. It doesnt make sense?

Could anybody confirm, that this is intentional? I dont believe it is…

Answer: @martin42 Works fine in mine and does populate the price of an item automatically on selecting an item in quotation form for a lead. Also i did try to send multiple quotation to the same lead and it works (fetch item price automatically for the item).

would bench update (in case you have admin access to your instance) help?

I have tried the same procedure on v v 10.1.76 and it works OK

@vrms Bench update didn’t help, actually I’m on v 11.1.6

Could please anybody explain, what is intentional functionality of Quotation to Lead in Version11 ? Is it really changed like was described here?

or is it the same like in version 10, where doesn’t matter, if you create Quotation to Lead or Customer and if there is price rate in the default price list, it is populated from that price list in both cases the same way?

I can confirm @martin42 is correct, even we have been facing this bug and this only happens when you are making a quotation for the lead and not in case you are making a Quote for a customer.

Though its strange and this bug is confirmed on ERPNext: v11.1.6 (master)

Thank you form the confirmation @adityaduggal

I have made some more research and this is the situation:

If you create new instance of the ERPNext 11.1.6, go through initial setup, then create some Items, set them prices, create Lead, create Quotation to this Lead, enter an Item to the Quotation - Item rate is populated correctly from the default price list.

If you create new instance of the ERPNext 11.1.6, then restore db from backup, there is a problem I described here. That db has undergone several migrations, and I’m not sure at what version this appeared for the first time.

So I think that we can confirm that functionality should be the same for both Quotation to Customer and Quotation to Lead and the problem does exist. Any ideas how to solve it?

I have probably found how does it work. But there is still question why does it work this strange way.

If you create Quotation to Lead, and trying to enter and Item, what has in Item Price document value of Packing Unit different from 1, such price rate is not populated. If that Item has Packing Unit equal to 1, price rate is populated OK.

If you create Quotation to Customer, everything works as expected and describer above.

@adityaduggal - could you please confirm this?

I tried to found what was Packing Unit in Item price meant for, but there is no even mention about something like Packing Unit in the ERPNext manual. In Item Price dialog is only this description: “Quantity that must be bought or sold per UOM”. So tt is probably minimal quantity of Item that can be bought/sold or maybe some multiplier? Anyway it accepts only integers.

Temporary solution could be to set Packing Unit to 1 for all the Item Price records. It doesn’t seem that it has impact on anything.

Still no ideas? Can anybody at least confirm the behavior I described?

Even I am not getting any ideas, the only thing I have noticed that items are not fetching the rate from price list and i have not been able to confirm the packing unit thing you mentioned in the previous post but I definitely think its a BUG which needs to be raised as a Support Ticket.