Very high CPU after todays socket io 2 committ

Hi I’ve raised a bug report but has anyone else been suffering from really excessive cpu ie around 4 after todays socket IO 2 committ ?

ie here [fix] socketio 2.0 (#3257) · frappe/frappe@a9ec465 · GitHub

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Just run bench update again. Its because a new version of socketio was released yesterday

ok, I’ll try now. I’m on master BTW

Just running bench update thanks for the quick response.

Could you have a look at Mails are not being marked as SEEN · Issue #3195 · frappe/frappe · GitHub it really badly messed up email handling and cpu 100% for last week or so for me - Its a critical bug for anyone with incoming emails

@Julian_Robbins merged the fix. Can you check?

ok and thanks very much. I manually fixed the file and it brought down the cpu and brought in mails that hadnt been =downloaded before so I believe so. I’m still waiting for my backup in bench update to complete. I’m still keen to but the self hosted 25 user pack , but have to wait to run it past my managment for approval :wink:

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bench update --no-backup


You know I was looking for that in with ‘bench’ but its not there … it should be though

Thanks … I’ll remember for another time

ok. Its better now, but still more heavily loaded than before …20% CPU for socketio.js process

and 13% memory … ;-(

restarted supervisorctl and still cpu is at 23% and 6% memory and rising … so a lot better but not quite right ;-(

do u think would be better to revert commit? and double check the issue?

Do you mean Frappe or myself ? Yes it looks like something is not quite right somewhere still. My set up is pretty vanilla too Ubuntu 16.04 with easy_install, so I wouldn’t expect any issues. The load is not excessive but still a lot more than it was before the main change.

What is not still quite right? Looks fine to me… Anything in your JS trace?

nothing in the js trace

@Julian_Robbins Did you manage to fix this issue? I had the same issue.

The problem just went away itself quite mysteriously …