Very Important Learning from First Five Clients

Prospects evaluate ERPNext for their CRM requirements first before migrating from proven other CRM SAAS Offerings. This time, we have accepted this challenge from good size corporate customers. I believe many members have seen this path.

If any valuable learning for pure CRM deployment, for particular business domain domains. please share your experience and links

I use CRM for my solo business. Using Opportunities to manage my CRM cycle has changed my life drastically.

So, when I find a potential customer, I create a lead and an opportunity. I also add some tags to opportunities. Then I create quotes from the opportunity. That way, I can also track opportunities even if quotation doesn’t created.

You can create different opportunities for your each lead or customer.

This is my homepage.

Also “Email Dropbox” feature is quite capable if customer needs to use some other email clients. I use Gmail some others probably use Outlook. With “Email Dropbox” feature each document will have a unique email address. When user sending a quote to a lead, user can also BCC to that email. So managers can track the communication between leads and the sales people in the respective opportunity document.

Unfortunately I can’t see “Email Dropbox” feature anymore. There ise a “Automatic Email Linking” feature but I couldn’t use it.