Veterinarian - how to use customer / pets?

We try to use ERPNext for a veterinarian - but don’t know how to add the customers and pets.

The Invoice, email, address has to go to the customer. But the customer can have multiple pets, and the comments, medication, time used, appointments are for the pets…

We started with Open Source Healthcare but don’t know, how to transfer this for vets…

I would best imagine creating a custom app and adding your new doctypes there accordingly to what you need and taking some inspiration from the current healthcare domain.

Then you just use link fields and perhaps some custom scripts to connect things around… ultimately through some trial and error you should get something working.’

We’ve done the same for diving industry.


The “Manage Customer” option in Healthcare Settings enables the auto creation of Customer whenever a Patient is created. You can turn this off, which will allow you to manually select the appropriate Customer for each Patient (Pet, in your case).

That sounds very interesting, I will try that!

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I have the same use case. I want to keep the link customer - patient (pet) and it seem that I can have multiple patients (pets) linked to one customer.
There is one minor detail that is annoyng, when linking customer to patient, the patient name will override the customer name. I wonder if this can be deactivated. I guess there will be a similar use case where for example a kid goes to the doctor the bill will go to the parents