[Video Tutorial] step by step guide to install ERPNext 14 on Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS

Hello @Mohannd_shwki

This is what happened. While you created the new site you might have tried to open the site using the local IP address. you might have landed on login page of frappe and might have loged in using the administrator credentials and might have created a user before installation of Apps on your site. if the scenario is same as I assume here, then you need to do the following:

  1. Drop the current site using the command

bench drop-site [your sitename]

  1. Then go to the site directory using command

cd sites

  1. delete the current site using command:

sudo rm -r [your site name]

Then Create another site (can be same name as was deleted)

as follow the tutorial.

i did but the sama error but i installed v13 succussfuly created but v14 not work the same error even if drop the site and created again the same error i faced

Hi @Mohannd_shwki ,

i may suggest you a way about it, go to ssh - Windows: Connect to SFTP server using Windows File Explorer - Super User and read it to get familiar what you will do next, as suggested there install WinFsp and SSHFS-Win, then map the frappe-bench folder as a drive to your windows computer, then using pycharm or vscode access to that mapped folder, you are now one step closer to development.