Video Tutorials

Checkout the ERPNext Video Tutorials built by @umair

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Hi @rmehta,

If you have scripts of these movies, Could you be open on GitHub or Forum?
We would like to translate and make japanese-subs for movies.

Kind regards,

I think these are made directly into imovie. Maybe we now need a scripted movie maker :slight_smile: I am sure there is one based on PhantomJS somewhere.

Let us complete this set first and then in the next version maybe we can do the scripted ones.

If you want to do some research, please post.

Thank you for your reply!
I understand.
I will try to make subs by listening :slight_smile:

Please make a video on how to apply shipping costs. Thank you.

Hello Rmehta

Could I raise a feature request in the Github for subtitles on the videos.

I think training is very important for ERP. It would wonderful to make it available in all languages. Having ERPnext with video training is Awesome! Maybe even add the subtitles to the translation portals.

Kind regards

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@sofia did you see this? - YouTube