View Accounting Ledger doesn't work for old Expense Claim records

ERPNext: v10.1.19 (master)

View Accounting Ledger from Expense Claim does not output related records in GL report for expense claim created 1 year ago.

Upon comparing data of new and 1 year old expense claim ,i realized that erpnext has changed the field voucher_no from storing Journal Voucher No. (JV-XXXXXX ) to storing Expense Claim No. (EXP XXXXXX ) on newer releases. Problem is the “Voucher No.” filter on GL report is trying to filter Expense Claim number, hence why old entries came up blank. On old entries Expense Claim number is stored on field against_voucher. The changes happened probably due to the introduction of payment entry (PE-XXXXXX) to pay employee expenses?

Now to see GL entries for old Expense Claim, i have to input manually Expense Number into against voucher filter and widen date range to have correct output. A bit of troublesome , isn’t it?