View Desk missing in Mobile devices


I created a User account, and I can log in.

On Desktop, upper right my Profile icon, there is “View Website” or “View Desktop” menu item.

But on Mobile Safari, these menu items are missing.

Should I log the bug in GitHub?

on top right of your phone screen press on the hamburger button, i think its there

@PyJumper hi, the hamburger has already been pressed. As a result you’ll see Contact, Blog, and my User icon.

If you click on the user icon (after clicking on the hamburger) you should see it. But for longer lists (more than just contact, blog), it gets pushed below and isn’t scrollable in my experience. Can be fixed.
You can create an issue at Issues · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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oh sorry i did not focus, because you already browsing the website the option “View Website” is hidden but will appear when you switch to Desk, and as marination stated you can click on your profile image to show “Switch to Desk”

@PyJumper @marination, oh, I see it now. Yes, I need to click on my Profile icon first. Then I’ll see the “View Desktop”.

Duh… not very obvious… ha ha.

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