View List in Journal entry

i marked the check box List view in
1- Total Amount
2- posting date

now Posting date is appear But i cant see Total amount

Also i want to order them ascending or desending depend on Posting Date or Total amount

Thanks alot for your guide.


You can change the sorting order from the customization form as shown below:

As far as Total Amount is concern, only first 4 columns including some standard can only come in the list view not all.

Ruchin Sharma

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Thx a lot dear for your help

now according to your point its true that its only 4 colume that i can show in a list

now i made a TOTAl-Debit is shown in list view

i want now to let appear in the menue that i can choose from

like (Last modified on - Title-name-created -------- )

i tried to make it but it didnt appear inspite of it appear in the view

Because i need to arrange the Journal entery based on Total Debit value

Even i changed the
Sort Field To be Total-Debit
But nothing implicit on the net result

Any suggessions Dears ?