View Website - Based on Role

HI all,

I need to set Login Redirect page separately for two different roles:
if Admin Logins, He should redirect to Website /dashboard page. Not /desk.
If Supplier Logins, he should redirect to /desk as usual.

Also, from View Website in Desk menu
Based on the Role, two different system users want to see different webpages.
For example if Administrator take menu from avatar > View Website >Dashboard.
And a Supplier (also a System User) if take menu from avatar > View Website > (should see Product page)

I have edited But it still redirect to /dashboard for Supplier!, even the content is restricted to view for suppliers!

def update_password(new_password, key=None, old_password=None):
if frappe.db.get_value("User", user, "user_type")=="System User":
		#return "/desk"
		if 'Supplier' in roles:
			return "/desk"
			return "/dashboard"
		return "/"

Help need

You will have to make changes to Add your redirects to get_context

Can you please share some example for the same?