Viewing EAN13 digits in reports downloaded from ERPNext

I didn’t know how to call this topic but there is one thing I would like to mention about the way ERPNext shows information on the CSV files we download.
I recently purchased EAN13 codes (barcodes) and all of those codes begin with the “0” as first number, so it reads something like this: 0660011574321. No problems with the code itself but when I download the CSV file with the item in it instead of reading “0660011574321” in the cell it show “660011574321”. Instead of 13 digits I get 12. I know that excel can read 0 on the left of a number but it doenst show them but in this case we can say that barcodes are text because no one does calculation with those numbers.
Is it posible to show this numbers as text? something like [=“0660011574321”] so it shows the number as it is with 13 digits?

Hi @pugalde

The solution is not in the csv-file or ERPNext, it’s in spreasheet-programm:

When you are importing the csv-file to Excel (or any spreasheet-programm) you can define the data format for each column. Just set the column with the EAN13 to “Text” and you will get exactly what you want.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. I do that. You can select the format or the cell and select text. The problem is that when you open the file, the first 0 dissappear and when you go and change the format, the 0 is gone for good so you have to write in every cell the 0 missing.
That’s no problem when you have just a few products but it is unconvenient when you hace more that 50 or even less

Sorry, I think I didn’t make myself clear. You don’t open the file and than change the format. You define the format in the import-dialog.
If you don’t know how to get to the dialog, look at this Howto-Video. At step 3 (minute 2:00) you can define the column data format.

This is what I get ass soon as I open the file:

I get the barcode without the first zero, I have no chance to change the format while importing the file.
If I change the format of those cells to text for instance, I still dont get the first 0 because excel disregard that digit when it opens the file.
It seems that I would have to import the file from excel instead of just double clicking on the file I’ve downloaded, which sucks haha