Viewing lab test report without login!

Hi everyone,

Is there any way? Or we can implement this functionality? that a patient could view or download his/her lab reports by providing lab test report id and patient id to ERPNext remotely?

Usually diagnostic labs go this way in our country by providing a simple webpage where user can put above these two things and get the reports.

We are thinking to have this functionality in ERPNext!

@abubakar This functionality is not available in Frappe Health out of the box.

However, you can build a custom view which takes report_id/patient_id and then returns the lab report.

Thank you so much @ChillarAnand, I will see how we can make that page.

Hi! I have created the webpage as mentioned in this post. The web page is taking the patient ID and lab test ID as input.

I need to allow the webpage to anonymous user (user without login) so the user can print the test results page without authentication. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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It doesn’t sound like a good idea to allow guest users to access patient records, please consider other alternatives. Like emailing the Lab Test to patient’s email or allowing portal access to Patient

Yes we are creating a case id against a patient and then using that case id patient can access his/her reports. In our case 90% of the patients don’t know how to use and check emails.