Viewing % Profit

Am I missing something? After creating a sales invoice and a purchase order, where would I go to see how much profit is built into a quote/invoice/etc. I would imagine I should be able to see it on the original invoice or quote, but perhaps I’m incorrect?

Check the Gross Profit report.

@Pawan - well maybe, maybe not. If you are selling non-stock items, Pawan is correct. If you are selling stocked items, one of your accounting statements will be wrong unless you use most of the document flow.

The Sales Order acts as a master reference to what the customer wants
{Let’s assume that inventory is already purchased, because this seems to be where your question is, but it’s honestly only half the right answer}

Delivery Note adjusts the stock when it is shipped (Credit to stock, debit to expense account (COGS)) →
Sales Invoice reports the accrual revenues (Debit to payables) →
Payment Entry the cash adjustment (Credit to payables, debit to bank or cash) →

I guess that is a question for the user to check and answer. So you are correct, it may work or may not.