Virtual Box Image For Ubuntu 14.04LTS Desktop

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
The Url To Download Virtual Image:
The credentials of the virtual image are:

username: erpnext
password: erpnext
mysql root password: J0wX9g5HpuUFm56m
Frappe password: JHTa7oXzs6I50jjC
Once the Virtual Machine boots, use your HOST operating system’s browser and go to:

and login using:

user: Administrator
password: admin

Contributed By
Sambhaji Kolate & Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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What’s different about this image?

Ubuntu Desktop image has graphical UI, user can easily access files and backup data from UI.
This will be useful for those, who are not familiar with linux command

We are also making ubuntu server image for ERPNext and planing to update it time to time.

Thanks for this, it will help with my testing and evaluation.

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