Virtual Box on Windows cant connect by IP

hello every one
i am running windows 10 on my PC I have installed ERPNext on a Virtual box and it works fine when i use localhost in the browser

but I want other Devices on the network to access the ERP but when i replace localhost with my IP it does not work (for example:192.XXX.X.XXX:8000) I even tried to use the system on the Virtualbox IP
but same result

how I can solve this ??
please help
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not sure why you have tagged me. This generally is not regarded to be according the forum ‘rules’ where you only tag someone if you respond to a specific comment of that user.

anyway, from the top of my head I would recommend to play with network setting of Virtualbox. I can’t say what the recommended setting where though.

You need to set the networking of the VM to “bridged” mode, and then use that IP for the connection. Also check your firewall settings to make sure that the port is not blocked. To get the info from the VM, login to it, and check these…

ip a #shows IP address
netstat -tnlp | grep -i listen #shows the ports that are active
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After checking what @trentmu suggested
Put http:// or https:// in front of your IP so http://192.XXX.X.XXX:8000

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