Virtual Image (build on Mar 09, 2018) ova corrupted

Stable build, for Production use

ERPNext-Production.ova (approx 1.5GB) | MD5

*** Cannot import to virtual box , error

Seeking within the archive failed (VERR_TAR_UNEXPECTED_EOS).

Result Code: VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)
Component: ApplianceWrap
Interface: IAppliance {8398f026-4add-4474-5bc3-2f9f2140b23e}

and MD5 link show 404 not found …

Hmm… am i doing anything wrong ? my step is download and then go to virtual box import the ova file with all default setting , after the progress bar goes to 100% then the error message prompt , and then i try to use 7zip to extract the vmdk file , the error message comes out and said “There are no trailing zero-filled records”… please help

P.S. :I had successfully create a new machine by using "the build on October 10,2017 " before.

Can’t replicate just set up a new instance

What is your OP + virtual mashine?

Please don’t unzip the .ova file. Simply use ‘Import Appliance’ in VirtualBox and select the .ova file


Windows 7 + VirtualBox

I know don’t unzip the ova file , but i can’t use Import
Appliance to create the new machine (its show error) , I must use another option to do …

Maybe your download failed !? Did you check the MD5 sum ?

Already downloaded 3 times by using different browser (firefox, chrome, opera) and the url link of MD5 show 404 not found

Thanks and checked with my downloaded file , the check sum is exactly the same… :frowning:

Do you have a 64-bit system or a 32-bit system?

I’m not able to replicate this error. New VM images will be updated soon, maybe try with them!

I’m using 64bit system.

Ok, I’ll wait , thanks !

You can try loading VirtualBox latest version, I did it, it’s work!!!

I have downloaded latest OVA file today and VM latest version, but it’s not booting ubuntu within VM.
A few days back, I was using old OVA file, it was giving error while upgrading to latest version.

Which version of VM & OVA file, you use?

Please redownload the OVA and check. It has been recently updated.

Build March 31 works.

Please close this issue if there is no more reply.