Virtual machine cant install new app in virtual machin just downloaded


I was trying to install new app in just downloaded ERPNext VM it gives me error in different files with line number screen shot attached (Sorry new user cant upload image, NP next time)

so I downloaded new setup frappe script using - “wget

and try to setup latest frappe using - “sudo bash”

it ask for login account password i gave “erpnext” it says user does not has permission to execute

  • how to install new app or remove new app installation error
  • or setup frappe afresh


Which app do you want to install?
With the VM, you don’t need to run the shell script, bench is already installed.

A. i downloaded VM
B. updated the VM
C. ErpNext is working Fine so I think to create a new all for my own experiment / learning purpose
D. I executed “bench new-app my_app”

E. it does not give me App Name, App Title etc option after this command as it should be BUT
It give me lot of error like

File “user/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/click-3.3-py2.7.egg/click/” line 278 , in invoke
AT THE END it says -
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, in line 1259 , in _execute_child raise child_exception

and it stop

so after that i try other option lie setup frappe and installing bench etc
if the error problem is solved i dont need to install bench

its working now,
I re-updated the bench “bench update” and now its working

continue to above (ABCD)

The steps are

  1. I executed “bench new-app my_app” it created app correctly Only it DOES not ask me for site URL

  2. than I craeted site as “bench new-site myerp” once stuck at mysql root password but it is fixed and site is created BUT not all the steps shown on tutorial “setting up the site” are followed instead frappe is updated

  3. now I am at third step installing app “bench frappe myero --install_app my_app”

it gives me error “pkg_resource.DistributionNotFound: frappe==4.0.0” this was the last line of 3,4 line long error message

any fix?


Are you on version 4 or 5?
bench install-app {your-app-name}

Not sure about version, I downloaded the VM 5 day back and follow the doc How to find version?

yes it works the app is install but i got problem in next step “set-default-site” now this is giving error messages

I think I should post the new error in separate post because people are not responding to this post

I think you’re on version 5.

Posting a full traceback in plain text helps. Also, if you’re planning to follow the library management tutorial, it’s not updated for version 5 yet.

ok thx

yes I m using the same tutorial

for now screen shot is here trying to get txt

The screen shot is not helpful.

I created text file of error messages but how to take it out from VM ? or copy from VM ot host machine or here