Virtual machine for Version 4

Can you please add virtual machine for Version 4 to a download link. I need Ver4 for some quick fixes to my “stuck in the middle” ver5 upgrade efforts.

It’s actually a good idea also to have a choice from few versions of the VMs to download from, we may not want the latest all the time.

Thanks in advance.

I second that proposal

Rather than downloading make your own VM.

Do the following on a new VM:

sudo bash

The above command would setup bench v5 and frappe v5

But to setup v4 enter this command:

bench init frappe-bench-v4 --frappe-branch v4.x.x  --apps_path

Thanks for the help Aditya. Much appreciated from new guys who are pushing their way through like me!

On the new vm

bench switch-to-master
bench update
bench --force reinstall

(if it asks for mysql root password, it’s erpnext)

Can I use the same commands to downgrade a self-installed ver5 to ver4 ?

@ahmed_personal maybe someone can maintain this from the community.