Virtual Machine login credentials

I donwloaded the ERPNext production VM and imported into VirtualBox, can get to the login screen from the host at localhost:8080… but login asks for email/password, ERPNext download instructions suggest a username/password of Administrator/admin which does not work. Any help gratefully received, product looks fantastic!

Hi @juliancharlesball,

if you have downloaded the production image from, please use

user: Administrator
password: admin

for the initial login (not an email as user, this only applies after the first login).

That’s exactly what I did and no go. Now re0-installed the VM and can’t
even see the login at localhost:8080 from my Windows host…

I can connect at localhost:8080 again, that was my fault! :slight_smile: But Administrator/admin still gives me ‘Invalid login’. :frowning:

Password changed lately to :

Give it a try or reset the password

change to bench dir

$ cd frappe-bench

change password

$ bench set-admin-password “your desired password here”

Hope this helps.


Thanks dude, all is good! :slight_smile: