Virtual Machine Settings

Hey guys I have downloaded the virtual machine image and I run it in VMware. VMware is capable of putting the virtual machine on the network with its own IP address. I can access the web interface from other computers locally and It works really good, however there are several small tweaks I would like to do.

Is there an FTP server installed on the virtual machine image?
What port is the mysql server listening on?

I need to get access to the code directly and the database.


Hi ,

Nice to have u on board.
For database access type mysql n read the man pages. The db User and password is found where u downloaded the image. The code is found on github.

FTP: install one for debian or use curlftps


can any one provide mysql db root password as required to setup new site on VM
as well as root password of VM Linux or any other details might require further

when i typed “mysql n”
it says access denied to user ‘erpnext’@‘localhost’ !!!


Please read: