Virtualbox [ERPNext-250216.ova] -- Root password

Hello all,
What is the root password for the Ubuntu image?

I tried frappe, erpnext, admin. None of those worked. You need it if you want change basics in the Linux set up.

Thank you!

it is


same for username and password

frappe is a normal user and not root. I am looking for the password of user root.
user frappe can’t execute a shutdown -h now or reboot for example. thx.


frappe has rights to shutdown, and also run other commands, try sudo reboot or sudo shutdown -h

it works fine on my environment…

In history it was:


Apologies. It worked. I tried to switch to user root w/ su. Thank you!!!

What’s the password for use su ?

What’s the password for user su ?

do sudo su if asks for the password then enter frappe.

thank you