VirtualBox over wireless network


If I download ERPNExt into virtualbox and install on my laptop is there a way i can allow access to other computers in the office over standard wireless network?

Being a total noob with virtualbox, decent instructions would be grateful

The easiest way to do this is using NAT configuration in virtual box (default) and set port forwarding on the guest OS.

After that you can access erpnext from other PCs from host IP address e.g. http://yourhostip:8080

Thanks for the reply

So, not knowing anything about this, here is the port forwarding settings that are already present

What would I change / add?

Can anyone give any step by step help?

Can anyone help?

Could really do with a step by step guide on how to install ERPnext on virtualbox with access from other computers over a wireless peer to peer network: for someone who knows nothing about servers

you should be able to access ERPNext through any computer in you networks browser by accessing VBhostipaddress:8080
so, you need to knwo which IP address your host (the laptop your ERPNExt VirtualBox is running on).

If you have any kind of Windows running on your laptop you can check that in the windows command line shell (click the “Start” Button, type “cmd” in the Search field and press “Enter” once the cmd programm is being shown.
Once it’s open you see something like


type in ipconfig and search for the IP address of the Network adapter you are using (should be the Wirelesss LAN adapter) and search for the IPv4 Address.

it should look similar to: IPv4 Address ....................:
in this example is your IP address.

So you need to use in the browser to access ERPnext from any Computer inside of your local network.

Note: In case you are not using a static IP address for your laptop (which pretty likely is the case). The IP address may change every time you enter your local network newly (by restarting your laptop i.e.). So you need to recheck the IP address each time you restart your laptop

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@vrms Excellent clear instructions. Thanks :grinning:

welcome vrms ,
what if i want to excess from external network i already can connect from local network

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@mostafa_galal: Please see How to connect my VirtualBox from another network i mean i can connect from another wifi network? where your question has been commented

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