Virtualbox Performance Improvements

I recently downloaded an ERPNext VM for usage in Oracle Virtualbox. I didnt really test it out before upgrading to v12 so I can’t say about v11 but v12 has been very slow even with significant RAM and CPU additions.

To improve things, this is what I’ve done:

  1. Increased RAM to 2 GB and used 2 CPUs (I think one would work fine)
  2. Increased mysql inode_buffer_size to 800MB (very big difference) - Reference
  3. Increased gunicorn workers to 5 (No of CPUs x 2 + 1) - Reference
  4. Converted the Storage to fixed type. Multiple sources say that this is more efficient because there’s no resources are wasted towards dynamically adjusting disk size. - Reference

I thought of putting this out here in case we can increase some of these by default or if someone else faces the same issue. Further performance optimisation suggestions are welcome.

All the best!

Maybe thats too less. Try increasing to at least 3 GB.