Virtualbox: Production Image modification

Dear All,
I have downloaded the production image from but when i start the machine it shows the erpnect url and username password also i want to remove that can anyone help

Hi. Please be more specific and precise as to what you want to achieve for anyone to assist you.


I want to remove this from startup

Please someone also guide that how can i install the ERPNEXT on Ubuntu Desktop

The startup message text is found in the file: /etc/motd.

Manual installation instructions can be found here:

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Where is the file full location please

The path to the folder is /etc. The file in that folder is motd. So the path to the file is /etc/motd.
If you want to change the file, you would log into the vm, then use a text editor, like Nano , as root. For example you could type: sudo nano /etc/motd. For a tutorial on using nano try visiting this link:

Thanks dear i have done it by removing the pre and post message files.