Visibility in Leave Application Calendar

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when working in the HR Modul as an employee I will wan’t to be able to create Leave Applications for my self. As an HR Manager also for others who might not have an account on the ERPNext instance. This all works as far as I can see. As an employee you will have a User Permission limiting you to your own data:

This works fine for list view and does the job. Same accounts for the report view.

In the Calendar view however I can see all the Leave applications:

From a data protecion view this is highly critical!


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I am also facing the same issue. I tried removing read access to All for Leave Application and Calendar View in Role Permissions Manager. It shows an alert saying “Insufficient Permission to view Calendar View” but after few seconds loads the Calendar anyways.
I cannot do this for all user level permission. It will be difficult to manage. Appreciate any other pointers or work around until the fix is released for this.

Appreciate if there is any further update on this or a work around to avoid employees seeing leave calendar of all of other employees.

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Tried this and for now it worked by not showing other employees leaves in the leave calendar view.

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