Visibility payout tracking

Hi guys

these days in retail, big companies/ brands offer payments to big retails stores and super stores for their visibility and banners and space. Is there any way to track these payments.?

Can we manage this in accounting. to check monthly reports of income from such brands/companies?

Hi Lynn,

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Are you saying you want to track your income generating display resources? Like let’s say you have space for a Banner and you track that as an inventory item. And then you say that this Banner now has Levi’s display and you guys have agreed upon a rate of $50 per week for that (or whatever). So do you want to track all of this? Or you just want to record that income when Levi’s pays you for a week.

If all you want to do is to record the income, a Sales Invoice for an Item that does not have Maintain Stock checked and charged to an appropriate income head is the way to go.

If instead you want to inventory your display resources and then monitor the income/performance of those assets, you will have to think this through and see how you can implement it on ERPNext.

Most likly, you will beed to make simple to medium intensity customizations to be able to accomplish this.

Hope this helps.