"Visit Helpdesk" what is that?

I have installed helpdesk in my system, in that helpdesk workspace section there is a link named as “Visit Helpdesk”, when I click on that it redirects me to some desk like page.

I am not able to understand what is that “Visit Helpdesk”, I mean it is any doctype, desk or what it is.

Hi @Ranjit_Ratiya,

Frappe Helpdesk offers an easy setup, a clean user interface, and automation tools to resolve customer issues efficiently.

It lets you streamline your company’s support and helps you to efficiently manage your customer queries.

It can help you like

  • Create tickets from email or help center
  • Empower customers with a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service portal
  • Automate redundant tasks like agent assignment and set up triggers to notify agents and customers based on certain events

More details for check the documentation.

Thank You!

Visit Helpdesk link takes you to the Agent Portal. There are 3 views in the helpdesk:

  1. Desk View - The default view that you see, is the “backend”. This is where you can set SLA, Agents, ticket priority, team, create users, give roles, etc.
  2. Agent Portal View - You can navigate here via the “Visit Helpdesk” button. this is how the helpdesk will be visible to your support agents.
  3. Customer Portal View - At the top left of the agent portal view, you can see your name. On clicking it, select Customer Portal. This will show you the customer portal view.