VM development image error on bench update

supervisorctl restart all


bench start

Should bring up the background processes - these don’t appear to be running

done on supervisorctl restart all
on bench start I stuck at rebuilding item-dashboard.min.js
in Bench start stuck at Wrote js/item-dashboard.min.js - 7.97 KB said it wait for my response in localhost:8000, but it said still updating

Maybe comment out the rename_standard_reply_to_email_template line in
and then rerun the bench update

how to deal with:

1. Merge the frappe app manually with “git pull” / “git pull --rebase” and fix conflicts.
2. Temporarily remove your changes with “git stash” or discard them completely with “bench update --reset” or for individual repositries “git reset --hard”
3. If your changes are helpful for others, send in a pull request via GitHub and wait for them to be merged in the core.

If I use git stash or git pull the same error is still there

If you have a look at this thread…

You will need to comment out the patches giving you trouble… eg.

sed -i “s/erpnext.patches.v10_0.set_default_payment_terms/#erpnext.patches.v10_0.set_default_payment_terms/” ~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/patches.txt;

and then run (tuned to your site name etc

bench --site site1.local migrate

works OK on all the “good” patches, ie. if the “bad” ones are commented out.

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