VM is very slow

Just updated it to Version 12. Not sure thats the cause. I increased VirtualBox VM RAM from 1GB to 1.8GB and 2 CPUs. All other config is default.

Htop looks fine

How can I troubleshoot (or fix) this issue?

Using a lot of swap - implies insufficient RAM.
Either that, or there’s a hardware failure stalking you :sunglasses:

My performance has increased a bit after:

  1. Uncapping my CPUs
  2. Increasing RAM to 2 GB

Each Gunicon request uses up 100% of the CPU its running on, having 2 doesnt seem to help. But seeing this run half-screen while using htop on the other was informing (obvious right?)

Thanks @trentmu :sunglasses:

God no! I just replaced my whole HDD.

Warnings in red do have benefits :slight_smile:

gunicorns are dangerous and mythical beasts that no-one but themselves and their creators understand.
I have been slain by them many times and in many posts here.

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