Volunteers for tagging issues on Github

Hola Amigos! :raising_hand_woman:

Hope you’ve been enjoying using the awesome products we create here at Frappe. We at Frappe, want to leave no stone unturned to deliver top-notch quality with our products. And folks in our community help us identify a lot of potential issues and also help us rethink and implement a lot of new things.

So in an attempt to work more proactively on these bugs posted on our Github platform, we would like to invite volunteers to validate these bugs. Here’s how you can get going :

  1. Add “validated” tag if the bug is replicable
  2. Add “module” tag indicating the module to which the bug belongs

You can refer the below screenshot for tagging the bugs:

Below are the links to the issue list for Frappe Framework and ERPNext:

In case you feel the bug is not replicable or has been fixed, feel free to close the bug.

This would help us have an analysis of bugs present in an individual module and identify critical issues to be fixed on priority.


Nice initiative. How do we get started? I don’t think non-frappe people can add tags or close issues unless they’ve been given that capacity specifically.


As @peterg mentioned, there is no option for Contributors to add tags to issues.

We can give triage role to regular contributors, which allows tagging and closing issues :slight_smile:

check email for invites.

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