VPS docker guide

Hi everyone.
I am trying to do my first docker install. followed the github guide but it didn’t work also i couldn’t find any other resource.

As of now I can point that
In the guide

This will make the traefik dashboard available on traefik.example.com and all certificates will reside in /data/traefik/certificates on host filesystem.

Returns 404. ( I am a newbe but i think the entrypoints need to be configured)
after finishing all the steps, Domain returns 404.
There is this which I think is the issue but still don’t know how to resolve.

did you create first site?

did you run the bench new-site command?

Tnx for replying revant. I really appreciate your help.
yes I did.
aside from that shouldn’t traefik dashboard be available on the step?
(I would be more than happy to redo and send any logs needed)