Wage & Piece Rate Calculations [Suggestions Wanted]

Hello all,

We are thinking of adding a wages and piece rate document to help for labour, agriculture based businesses.

If you have any suggestions, please add your comments at:



on company where i’m working it’s applied this formula

base_actual_work_hours = 7 for 6 day work
base_actual_work_hours = 8 for 5 day work
if actual_work_hours > base_actual_work_hours than overtime calculation started.
the overtime calculation apply this rule:

  1. (actual_over_time * 2) - 0,5 on working day
  2. holiday has special calculation an apply these rule:
    a. first 7 hours = actual_over_time * 2
    b. 8th hours = actual_over_time * 3
    c. 9th hour on = actual_over_time * 4

yeah, this calculation based on regional regulation (apply in my country, maybe different on some company. but the rules still the same, 200% for fisrt hour, 300% for second hours and 400% for third hours ), may be different for another country.
but we can look at ISO or RSPO standard for the general.

but at the main concept it goes with base_work_our first (40 hours) on each week or in my country 173 hours for a month. More than that would calculated as overtime.

if somebody ask me why actual_base_work_hour recorded from 0, that’s because when the company using check clock it goes like that, only the rest of base_work_hours for each day would calculated as overtime. And on some company using check clock based system to record their employee attendance.

I, my selves working on a Palm Oil Plantation on East Borneo. before working on my current position i’ve been working on the field and on an employee training center. so i’ve learn many thing about how an agriculture company administration goes.

if the developer if ERPNext need some suggestion, i would gladly do it. And if i have slow response please just look at me in Redirecting..., that was a valid profile. :blush:

Thanks for your comments!

Can you post these on the issue itself? Salary / Wage Caculations · Issue #2654 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

So that they remained.