Want employee name in place of employee id

I want when i select a employee here in below field Merchandiser, the employee name should come not the employee id

Also, how this employee thing come, concatination of employee_id with name

anyone please help ?

Because the Order Sheet does not have an Employee Name field, it will work if both the Employee ID and Employee fields are present.

If you add an employee name and it still does not work, you need to use the “Formatter For Link Fields.”

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not worked normally, will use formatter now

this is the custom script i used, i made a field “merchandiser_ka_naam” (type : Data) and made it Hidden.

frappe.ui.form.on('Order Sheet', {
    refresh: function(frm) {
        // Add the custom link formatter for 'Employee'
        frappe.form.link_formatters['Employee'] = function(value, doc) {
            if(doc.merchandiser_ka_naam && doc.merchandiser_ka_naam !== value) {
                return value + ': ' + doc.merchandiser_ka_naam;
            } else {
                return value;