Want my HR user to see the employees of the same company

So i have two companies. Both companies will have different hr user or hr manager.
I want my hr manager or hr user to have access of the employee of same companies.
Means HR manager cannot see other companies employee.

You can do this via user permissions. For the HR manager user, apply user permission for value = Company name. They should then be able to only see the employees of their company.

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Thanks @michelle . Its Done
I also want to set user permission for hiding some fields.
For eg , i want my user who have employee and hr user role. And i want salary receipt field hide from them in leave application form.


You can archive that by field level permission. Please check this documentation: https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/v13/user/manual/en/setting-up/articles/changing-the-properties-of-a-field-based-on-role


Divyesh Mangroliya