Want to access ERPNext through Cloud

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate if anyone can let me know the steps involved to access the ERPNext through cloud.
Actually, I installed Ubuntu under Oracle Virtual Box and then I installed ERPNext under ubuntu.

Now, I want to access it through cloud.

I took some help from the below link, but it didn’t work.

Ruchin Sharma

You need to run this two command to install ERPNext on digital ocean

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/frappe/bench/master/install_scripts/setup_frappe.sh
sudo bash setup_frappe.sh --setup-production

To access ERPNext fron anywhere, open public IP address given by digital ocean, you will get ERPNext running site.


I think, you didn’t read the post very well. I don’t want to install ERPNext on digital ocean.
I have already installed the same on my local system under a Virtual Machine using ubuntu.

Now, I want to access the same from URL using a different PC or you can say I want to make it as a server and want to access via cloud.

Ruchin Sharma

Your host computer must connect to internet using public ip, so you can access it form anywhere…If not using public ip then you have to setup VPN


Yes, it is connected to the internet using a public ip.

Setup your guest vm using NAT and port forwarding e.g. http://your_public_ip:8080


I am able to access outside the virtual machine but withing the local machine using public IP.
But, I want to access it outside the local machine.

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 you need to give static IP to your local machine.

Than open port from your router as @jof2jc said.

I appreciate if you can tell me the steps involved, I have already done so much as I said

  1. login to router generally or check your local machine ip to get idea.

  2. set your PC to static ip or add DHCP reservation for MAC Address so PC is always on same IP

  3. Setup Virtual Server to forward port in router:

Notice is the PC which has web server / ERPNext installed. It needs to be on same IP irrespective of router restart. Virtual Server / Port forwarding is set for same ip, If ip changes port forwarding breaks.

HTTPS and HTTP ports are forwarded in above example for a web server.

The login, DHCP Reservation or Static IP, and Port forwarding interface is different for different routers.

More port forwarding

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In general, this is a more advanced scenario for which you will have to do some reading on.

See networking - How do I access Ubuntu server running in VirtualBox from outside - Ask Ubuntu for a start of what you will need to look into. There are two levels: VirtualBox configuration and Network configuration.

  1. Configure the VM to use bridged networking mode (see virtualbox ip virtualbox access guest from outside site:forums.virtualbox.org - Google Search for a few threads on this)
  2. Setup your router properly

If you need help with the router, the first thing to do will be to post the model - if someone has the same model, they may be able to help better. In addition, the router manual usually will tell how to do what is being told above. You may also get more detailed help on the specific router manufacturer forum (without the same router, its hard to give detailed instructions since they’re usually all different).

If you are able to do the above, at that point, you will be able to access the server within your network. If you need to access it outside your network (from public) there will be more to to do.

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You need a static ip for this please check if your ISP provides one. If not you will have to use a service like dyndns or noip.

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Here is my experience so far on the subject. I have searched and tried many of the things I found, but I have not had much chance in changing ports or accessing ERPNext on VirtualBox.

a. Using the ova image on virtualbox works great, but ERPNext is on port 8080. Have not successfully changed it.
b. Using the quick install on a Ubuntu installed VirtualBox server. Not able to access ERPNext from outside the server itself. I guess more linux knowledge is required to open the right ports and firewall settings. As these must be done manually.
c. Using the quick install on a Ubuntu Amazon S2 instance is a breeze and works flawlessly. I guess they know out to setup their linux. hehehe

I am testing on option a. above, and have setup a no-ip domain to my changing IP. And forwarded the port to my PC from the router, it works almost perfectly. Still have some issues with the 8080 port.

It also works with the android app.