Want to access MyQL using Toad

Is there any way that I can access mysql using toad?

Sure, did you face a problem?

No, I didn’t face any problem but I didn’t try it.
Any TNS Entry to be made for that?
And what will be the username and password?

If you are going to access a remote database, you will have to create a user in mariadb that has access to desired databases from a particular ip address or *

What if I want to use it in the Ubuntu itself, which I have installed under a virtualbox.
Also, please tell the steps involved to configure.

@ruchin78 you will have to look up Toad help. This is between Toad and MySQL - Frappe/ERPnext not involved.

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@rmehta I am asking I though may be someone has used it before.
If you use it, you will really love that tool.
I am not blaming frappe/erpnext for the same.

I like the command line

bench --site mysite mysql


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Again you are talking about Nokia 3310

Remember what Sukh said, desire…

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