Want to access mySQL of erpnext

Hello guys,
I want to access mySQL of erpnext please help me how can i access to that?

you can access by using bench mysql

bench --site [sitename] mysql

Please provide details i am new here.

Just like this phpmyadmin i want to look erpnext’s database table.


Use an application like Sequel Pro or if you are on a PC you can use DB Visualizer or somethning similiar on PC.

Alternately, you can view using the terminal by logging into bench mysql

Hope this helps


bench --site site_name mariadb

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Even you can use phpmyadmin since ERPNext too uses mysql

You can use workbench

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Hi there - I have the virtualbox image. I’ve been trying for hours to connect via mysql workbench. Do I need to edit some config files? I noticed I could not use localhost:8000 but it works when I use

I just want to be able to edit mysql tables but I am struggling to get connected from mysql workbench as it says access denied after initially connecting.

I appreciate the help.

in your hosts file, add localhost

the settings for the workbench would depend on the IP address of the workstation on the LAN. use a connect via SSH tunnel.
If it’s LAN address is say, then the workbench setings would be like this…
SSH setting: (user=frappe, password=frappe). port is either 22, or 3022
mysql settings: (user=root, password=frappe). port is normally 3306