Want to add new field in Quick sort drop down menu

Hello Everyone ,
I want to add new field in the Quick sort drop down menu list

can any body help me .

thanks in advance

Baljeet Singh

So this took me some digging, but I did find it. Any field given the attribute “Bold” will show up in that list.

For eg, in the Employee DocType I made “Date of Joining” as “Bold”

And now it shows up in the list :

Unfortunately you can’t do this from Customize Form, you have to edit the DocType itself.


Thanks for the fast reply , let me try this. thanks again

Thanks man Its working

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Thanks , you help me,

Thanks bro. I would have never thought of that.

It works from Customize Form with newer versions.
Although it is not intuitive really.

Maybe having a field like “sorting_fields” for sorting by field as “search_fields” for searching by field.


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