Want to create a Script Report for Salary Slip

When we have a Draft, Submitted data (basically data is present), then we can make a report (script report etc)
But my problem is I want to make a report of Salary Slip, with the column names as Employee name, Salary Components name (amount as row value)
WITHOUT creating the Salary Slip

Let say i want the report of all employee of April month, but currently i have not made the Salary Slip of employees, the task is to generate the Report before actually making the Salary Slip

Anyone know is it possible, or it can’t be
Open for any suggestion

Hi @Rajat96318,

Based on your requirements, generating a report of Salary Slip details without actually creating the Salary Slips is not feasible. The system requires the existence of Salary Slips to pull data for reports accurately. In other words, since the Salary Slip data is contingent upon the creation of the slips themselves, you cannot generate a report without first creating the Salary Slips for the specified period.

Thank You!

check this code…hrms/hrms/payroll/doctype/salary_structure/salary_structure.js at version-14 · frappe/hrms · GitHub

there is a preview salary slip, so you could try a script report and call make_salary_slip with for_preview = 1, as_print = False for all employees and use the retured doc to make your report