Want to run two projects at the same time

Actually i want two projects to run but i can run one at a time because of the same port.
How can i change the port of one project both can run at the same time.

Hi @Aditya_vig1,

DNS Multi-tenent SETUP of ERPNext:

  1. bench config dns_multitenant on
  2. bench new-site library.dev
  3. bench setup nginx
  4. sudo service nginx reload
  5. bench --site library.dev install-app library-management
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for every other site you wish to create

just go in sudo nano /etc/hosts
and define the domain
for ex: site.name

make sure site name and domain name must be same.

Make sure always file " currentsite.txt" should be black.

More details for check the reference.

Thank You!

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Thanks for this solution. I did it with other steps

  1. Edited Procfile and changed the port number.
  2. Edited common_site_config_file and changed all 3 redis port inside it. Also changed socketio_port and website_port inside it.
  3. And last went to config folder and matched redis port number with port number of common_site_config_file.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this.